Tips for Toning in the Water in Summer

10 Feb


Technical team proposes the most entertaining water sports so that in the holidays you keep your body easy and fun, 4 water activities to burn calories and tan at the same time:

Snorkel. Watching the marine world is one of the most spectacular activities in existence. It allows you to explore reefs in addition to toning your body and improving the cardiorespiratory system.

With a one hour session, you can burn up to 400 Kcal / h, while tanning and immersing yourself in a fascinating world.

Paddle Surf. An activity that adds more and more fans each year. It has countless benefits: strengthens arms, legs, buttocks, abdomen and tests our balance.

ADAPTIV aqua. If your thing is to be in the pool, do not worry, you can also stay in shape between dip and dip. Take advantage of the curb to exercise your arms and to stay afloat while working the lower train. Jumping, displacement and combined exercises are the basis of this aquatic activity that aims to develop coordination, rhythm and agility of our body.

Rowing. Surely it is one of the sports with more modalities that exist – mountains, rafting, canoes, which makes it even more interesting and easy to practice. Whatever modality we choose, we must know that it is an excellent cardiovascular activity that, besides allowing us to burn about 395 Kcal / h, strengthens our back and arms, improving our aerobic capacity.