How to strengthen knee with Aqua Spinning

11 Sep


Aqua spinning is a discipline with numerous cardiovascular and muscular benefits, which offers lower impact exercises because it is performed underwater, usually in the pool of gyms and sports centers as well as hotels.

Ferran Bosque, specialist and director of Poolbiking , says that “”the practice of aquaspinning brings various benefits to our health, such as increased intensity and pulsations (keys of aerobic exercise) and toning muscle groups, due to resistance which the water performs on all the submerged muscles, causing a fat burning up to 800 calories per hour. “”

Bosque adds that “”water weightlessness is ideal for people with muscular, joint and overweight conditions and that submerged pedaling generates a continuous massage on the legs, acting directly on cellulite.””

In addition, the pressure exerted by water compensates blood pressure and improves blood flow, making it a perfect exercise for users suffering from varicose veins and the addition of aerobic exercise combined with humidification of the air improves your lung ventilation, says FerrĖœn Bosque .


The practice would be highly recommended to strengthen the muscles of the lower trunk and especially the quadriceps, in order to protect the knee joint.

The specialist stresses that one of the benefits of aquaspinning is that it increases “”the balance of forces between the two legs. This situation is determined by the shape of the pedal and the same medium where it is practiced, the water. “”

Ferran Bosque adds that “”the strength marks the weak leg and the work of reinforcement is total until achieving the balance of both.”” Aquaspinning can help prevent knee injuries by providing a higher level of joint resistance.


The type of exercises that are performed are determined by the aquatic environment. Ferrn Bosque states that “”when pedaling in the water, it acts as resistance according to the speed of pedaling. The more speed, the more effort. In this way, the balance between speed and resistance is always appropriate according to the physical form of the person who practices it. “”

Bosque warns that “”as on all bicycles, the user must take into account that the saddle is in distance and at a perfect angle with respect to the pedal axis””. The water forces to exercise a greater control of the position on the bicycle.

The aquaspinning technique can be combined with exercises at the upper body level for a more complete overall toning.