Exercises to care for ischia with Pilates

27 Jun


The most frequent problem with ischemia,” says Dona 10’s specialist , “is that sedentary life, excessive sitting hours, stress, or overtraining cause many people to shorten this muscle group.”

Yoslinova Navarro explains that Pilates exercises are effective in preventing injuries to any muscle group, including one as important as hamstrings or ischia.

“Short jabs,” he adds, “cause problems in posture and probably pains in the lower back area. Properly tightening and stretching these muscles will avoid many problems in the overall efficiency of our body movements. ”

Pilates works through the entire range of motion, seeking control of both eccentric and concentric muscle contraction, and above all, seeks stabilization of the lumbar spine and pelvis, and with this our control center and strength , the pelvic and abdominal floor musculature.

Yolisnova Navarro states that Pilates provides us with an adequate training method to recover the neuromuscular imbalance in the ischium, seeking to strengthen stabilizing muscles of our lumbar spine, our pelvic and abdominal floor, and dynamically stretching the hamstrings. Resulting in a perfect combination of trunk control, flexibility and stability.


“There are no better or worse exercises,” says the physiotherapist, “but I would say that, for each person and according to the needs of each one, there are exercises that could be called more specific and correct according to the type of activity that performs.

It deserves special mention, the importance of one of the basic principles and of Pilates: to breathe beneficially in each one of the exercises, something that although it seems simple is not!.