How to work the abs with the front griddle

12 Nov



The personal trainer ensures that a variety of exercises are used for the development of trunk stability. We must combine both dynamic exercises, which involve movements of flexion, extension and rotation (yes, without abusing them by what has been said previously), as well as isometric exercises.

Many of these exercises consist in keeping the rachis in a ‘neutral’ position, while internal or external forces are applied on the trunk, using different strategies:

Keeping the pelvis elevated in the supine, prone, or lateral position during exercises commonly known as bridge exercises.

Execute movements with the extremities in different positions, such as quadruped.

Use various materials or instruments, such as unstable surfaces
Inside the so-called bridges, the front grille has become a classic in the fitness rooms. The frontal plate is one of the most recommended exercises for the global training of the core, since it directly implies an improvement and other movements.

It is true that not always its execution is correct, becoming then an exercise more harmful than beneficial. Some control and quality of execution will be necessary for optimal development.


It is not necessary to train the core every day. Remember that not doing more repetitions or more training will achieve your goal before, it will be enough with two or three training sessions a week.

The coach recommends that the sessions have a duration of between ten and twenty minutes running between 3 and 5 exercises. We can train on exclusive days of core or at the end of training (keep in mind that the core is a group of stabilizing muscles, so it is not advisable to fatigue them in advance so that they do not negatively affect the rest of your training)

The duration of the stimulus will vary according to your capacity, going from 30 to 60 seconds, with 30 seconds or less pause.

Remember, whatever the variation, in the abs your body must act like a solid block without strange curves that go beyond the anatomical lordosis. If you have any doubts do not put your back to play for showing a flat abdomen, consult a personal trainer.